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home indoor furniture whole integrated kitchen cabinet cupboard made of MDF/ploywood of modern | traditional style give your timeless & fashional living spaces

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lab Epoxy Resin Worktop feature

resistant to chemical corrosion and resistant to most organic and inorganic chemicals. In addition, it is also resistant to mechanical and thermal shock.

ForTrend is manufacturer for modern cabinet cupboard to promote your living solution(storage furniture as cabinet | cupboard | wardrobe | closet | workbench | fumehood | TV bench | bookcase for interior/indoor/kitchen/lab/laboratory furniture)

Guangzhou ForTrend Furniture Co.,Ltd.

ForTrend as a modern manufacturer of unique storage cabinet | kitchen Cupboard | interior Wardrobe | Lab cabinet furniture collections in Home interiors or Lab furniture who generates the ideal solution for the concept of spaces, has established long-term relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers. For 20 years' history, ForTrend owned plant of 120000 square meters including 3 domestic bases and 1 overseas base and got certificate of ISO9001:2000 international quality system. we have created a design-driven, E1+ grade greenguard environmentally-friendly , innovative furnishings solutions to improve working and learning and living environments with combination of material, colour and architecture ...

Home Interior Series  

The expression of nature and the love of modern life,Simple and Tasteful. All materials of Integrated kitchen cabinet, Woods with natural colors, easy clean countertops, glass-fronted cupboards, help to create your timeless, unique, personal family life.

Traditional and classical models combines an atmosphere of antique tradition and the simple ways of the past with the assembly of special procedure using the most innovative modern techniques which help you enjoy what once only belonged to the royalty.

Interior Wardrobe collection as traditional chinese culture, european style integration, simple america urban fashional life comes from the wardrobe cabinet/closet: favorite must suit your clothes, your style and your room, So whatever are your collecting, here find you a dream living space ...

Various Style indoor collections as bookshelf, shoe cabinet, TV stand cabinet, storage box, show display cabinet, coffee & side table ... as simple and artistic life space! ... it provides you with an quiet and healthy living condition,So an easy-clean and healthy spaces is coming!

Lab Eqpt Series  

Harsh Environments as College Laboratory, school Classroom, Hospital, academic research, inspection institute: cabinet, worktop, countertops, fume hood, worksurface, water faucet, gas cocks, tap fitting, sink/cup which are Corrosion-Proof, Chemical Resistance, Durability, Non-flammability, Non-absorbency, high degree of hardness.

Style collection as combination of traditional chinese culture, european style integration, simple america urban fashional life! Free spaces that come from the Integrated-kitchen-cabinet: Storage of food, water sink and cooking equipment, refrigerators, dish washers, and ovens ... So an easy-clean and healthy spaces is coming!

Laboratory decoration project for goverment of Custom institute for food and drug inspection control. ForTrend provides customer with exclusive monopoly & innovative technique: Seamless jointing Epoxy Resin WorkTops for work bench of 20-meters-length, all top pieces are joined together as whole to be chemical resistance, easy-clean, non-absorbency ...

Lab safety equipment of Corrosion-Proof, Chemical Resistance, Durability, Non-flammability ... To protect operators from harmful gas, liquid, chemical agent ... So an safe and healthy spaces is coming in case any danger occurs!

Some Laboratory projects for science academy and overseas university, as an One-Stop Service integrated company, we provide services as planing, design, installation , testing and maintenance of lab systems ...

One of innovative products: the epoxy resin Octagon WorkStation for wall corner, negotiation space or mini group forum. Octagons products are seamless jointing pieces with different color, customized shape, even asymmetrical shape!